Instrumentl is used for prospecting, tracking, and managing grants all in one place. It saves a ton of time versus having to keep separate spreadsheets and files about all the different grant opportunities you may be applying for.

14 Day Free Trial

Proven Success

14 Day Free Trial

You can try Instrumentl out for yourself by signing up for a 14-day trial using this link.

By doing so, you’ll also save $50 off your first month should you decide to upgrade.


Funder Details

Instrumentl saves time by also showing you 990 data and funder profiles, all in the same place as the grant opportunity.


Instrumentl lets you leave notes and manage tasks across your team so that they can stay in the loop from start to finish of a grant application.

Instrumentl Partner Workshop Replay

Connecting Project Goals

Click the video link to start watching the replay of this free grant workshop, or check out the transcriptions below the video.